Give the people the things they don’t know they want…

Yeah, I said it:


Just enjoy the show. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the fun that is to be had during this stretch of the CID being held by Privateer Press.

The good men and women at PP have introduced some interesting changes to the CID (which stands for ‘Community Integrated Development,’  for those not in the know..) and the masses have taken to their ideas in traditional Internet style. (*Insert random meme, here…no really.*)

The idea and purpose of the CID is to involve just about anyone willing to playtest, number crunch, or theory test their presented idea changes. In concept, I among many others like this change. It’s no secret that “internal” testing is limited and can even be argued as flawed. You’ll always have people looking to exploit changes once they go live, making a more public testing scene a very welcomed change! (Immediately after the “Bane” portion of the CID, we had people tossing around the idea of fielding 70+ Mechanithralls.)

This is like a “Alpha/Beta” test, but I feel done a little bit better. Why? Well Most Alpha/Beta tests feel like “Play with stuff, like this and let me know if something is broken.” Not the case here. Instead we ideas that the development team want to introduce, get to engage with them, and present out case(s) when we find a issue or flaw with the proposed idea. Can we exploit it? Lets talk about it. Does the idea have good intentions, but fall short of delivering? Lets talk about it. Are we not allowed to use all the cool widgets and tools we invested in? Lets talk about it. (*Picks up Pitchfork*)

In the past few weeks we’ve had the new Steam Roller 2017 changes introduced to the CID, a Bane Theme for Cryx (titled ‘Dark Host,’) & the proposed battle engine changes. Instead of doing a possible tl;dr, I will simply direct you to be an engaged individual and visit the CID forums for yourself. Why? The CID is a living & breathing creature. It changes, adapts, and moves. Twelve hours can have a significant impact on the information I could write about right now…plus it seems that Privateer Press has taken to respond to some Twitter comments doing the same…pointing people to engage in the CID itself. Without further wait, here you go:

The Privateer Press, ‘CID’:

Enjoy everyone! (Yes I know…im making you click some more, read some more..and figure stuff out for yourself, terrible…!)


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Thingamabobs & other doodads…

Widgets & Measuring Tools:

“How NOT to play, v.1 – SR2017”

So SR 2017 and the CID aside, I thought id give some credit where credit is due.

Being a late blooming & returning college student, I wanted some very affordable (key point) tools. I felt they made playing this Tabletop game more interesting, effective, and time efficient. Having seem some popular options during my brief (new) tabletop career, I enjoyed how they worked and what they accomplished.

We have the usual options that you see around the tables or on the shelves. Broken Egg Games & Muse on Mini’s both deliver top not quality products that are aesthetically appealing to match your armies, and the durability to last your gaming career. There are many fine options, some easier to get than others. I was on the hunt for products similar in function, but more budget minded (lets be real, as long as the measurements are cant go wrong.)

Enter WarpedMindGames, an Etsy retailer.

Warped Mind Games

With a wide array of colorful, durable & to the point options they caught my attention at first sight! (Disclaimer: I have not been Paid/Sponsored to write anything for them, but I want to bring their fine products to the center stage as an affordable option.)

“I can see clearly now, the blight is gone…”

I honed in on their “Generic Inch Measuring Sticks Set” & “Proxy Token Set” to fill the needs I felt I had. (Check out their vast inventory, though!) After realizing they have some stellar (did I just use the word ‘stellar?’) prices for a cant go wrong option to help measure movement, charges, threat ranges, & the likes…I was really satisfied with their color options an neutral gaming stance. What I mean by that is, I can use these in multiple games and not have OCD kick in about there being a specific theme or design on them that doesn’t fit from one game to another (like other options out there.)

Ideal details make the difference: Front Arc etching, and identifying size for zero confusion. (If you couldnt already eye it.)

If I had to make a suggestion to WarpedMindGames, id love to see an option for a 120mm Proxy Token. A few people LOVED seeing the Tokens & sticks fielded this last week when I brought them with me (proud owner, I was!) A question a few times over was if they had a Colossal Proxy Token. Maybe the coaster thats normally used doesnt cut it? Maybe the option of buying a spare PP 120mm base isnt appealing? Id love one myself, personally. Oh, and their Warmahordes Blast Gauges Set is on my “doh! I did not see them, but wish I had,” list.

Click/Hover Below:

I also like their bright acrylic presence on the tabletop. Its Extremely difficult to have the battlefield and the action mute them out, allowing for an easy to remember “clear” of them after use each turn/model activation. (See what I did there?!)

Purchased at the same time, the Proxy Marker tokens and Measuring sticks can be had to your door, more affordably than other measuring stick options alone. The extra savings can fuel you with snacks and drinks for the next FLGS SR Tournament, or inspire your next model purchase!

If your in the market for bright, affordable, & unique Measuring Sticks..Proxy Markers..or other related gaming widgets, give them a look! Their quality, craftsmanship, & inventory/options make them a solid option!


It goes without saying…


“…coming up after the break: Aggy1 gets Force Bolted down, a path is cleared by tractor beam and she takes two fists to the face from Helios.” GGWP!

To my delight, I have decided to jump on the wagon and create some content (relevant or not,) aimed towards Warmachine and more specifically the Cryx faction. While I dont know where this is going to go, and I am not discouraged to admit it, I want to be frank to anyone who comes across this and decides to ‘bookmark’ it.

As for the Title, its origins should be credited to a group of close gaming friends..more specifically A.T.. Thank You, and while im sure you will see this eventually, I thought it catchy and something id try to breathe life into.

In the coming days (or weeks,) we will be touching on the very lively CID being held by Privateer Press on their forums (Privateer Press CID) the state of changes to SR 2017, & the undead Pirates that hold dastardly deeds within ready to release it all upon their foes. I also plan to share my opinions on items ive purchased that tie into WarmaHordes & Tabletop gaming.

Thank You for your interests. Please comment with requests and suggestions for content you’d like to see in the future, below!