Off the beaten Path: Hollow Holden

A not so hollow addition to the Grymkin Ranks…


Welcome back to another trip off the “main road.” This time around we are taking a look at an upcoming model for the Grymkin lineup. While there has been some chatter and write ups already (easily found, and great might I add!) Id like to hit on this model so I can better familiarize myself with him, and share with you my thoughts. These are going to be from my perspective so take them with a grain of salt, coming from a newbie!

So WHO is Hollow Holden? He was a Marksman & Ranger before falling to the ranks of Grymkin in the ‘Battle for Boarsgate’ (a narrative event,) during Lock & Load 2017. After being assimilated into the Grymkin ranks, Privateer Press worked with the community to sketch out and develop the would be individual we see ‘now’ in the CID  (Community Integrated Development.)

Privateer Press sum’s up the description as follows, officially:

“Holden has fallen to the Grymkin at the Battle of Boars Gate! He has joined his fellow cowards and deserters with the Hollowmen. Holden before his turn was a marksman and a ranger. Bestowing some of his skills to his unit (Pathfinder) is important to his concept. Constantly being tortured and pushed to fight by his gremlin handler who is flipping his fated coin shown in the Poisoned Fate rule. Pulling down his opponents with Weaken or showing is cowardice and retreating with Reposition are both very thematic options.” – PPS_Oz


As you can see from the sketching above, he is far from the man he once was. Now, he joins the regime of the Hollowmen, a group of deserters that bring with them the burdens of their former lives.

So lets just jump into the REAL reason we are here. To discuss the proposed stats and characteristics Holden might just bring to the table. As with any CID cycle, things can change, but as of now (11.9.17) we can see the current iteration as follows:


Lets take a dive into what can be seen here…

Being Defense 13, Armor 12 (14 if Under the warmth of the Death Knell,) means you dont want him toeing the front lines during any game. Being a Weapon Attachment at Cost 4 he is a point more expensive than the Lantern Man. (Although now available in the ‘Bump in the Night’ theme force & as a ‘Free Model’ if selected.) For the swap, youll loose Blood Bound, Ghost Light, & Obscuring Mist…but gain ‘Granted: Pathfinder’ in addition to ‘Poisoned Fate’ and the rest of his personal kit. I really believe this is a great trade, and will explain why as we go forward. With SR2017 up and running at full speed, rough terrain is everywhere! Having Pathfinder on one unit helps solve some deployment issues for sure!

***NOTE: After posting this, I was pointed out by a reader that a Weapon Attachment (Holden,) can be taken in addition to the Command Attachment (Lantern Man,) so disregard the about “trade/swap” and keep note of that! Learn something new everyday!***

Eyeless Sight & apparition are staples for Hollowmen, and coupled with a few additional rules ill address below, they are a welcomed touch. Holden himself gains Annoyance, and rightfully so with a gremlin on his back! Extremely situational but not to be discounted during those last ditch efforts to win a match.

Skipping ahead, he has two weapons. A Trench Knife at MAT 5 P+S 9 RNG 0.5, and a Hunting Rifle at RAT 7 (base) POW 10 RNG 14. The Knife appears to be there to match the melee capabilities of this accompanied unit, all the while less of a threat due to reduced RNG, Damage, and lack of Brutal Charge.

Things begin to shine with Holden’s Rifle however. At range 14, he can be kept safely away from the fray yet available enough to do work. Prowl will keep him safe while having the ‘Sniper’ stat will help weed out infantry as it allows to do one point of damage instead of a damage roll & removes the ability to tough.

Now, we introduce ‘Poisoned Fate.’


‘Poisoned Fate’ plays out in the following manner: During your  Maintenance Phase, roll one D6 or Flip a Coin (ill be doing the later with my Heretic Coin!) On Heads (1-3 on a die,) the unit gains Reposition 3″. One a flip of Tails (4-6 on a die,) both of Holdens weapons gain ‘Weaken.’ For ‘Weaken,’ a living model HIT (not damaged, which is great for high armor beasts/living models) suffer -2 DEF & -2 STR for one round. How it reads, it cannot be shaken and can be used to soften up a target or blunt an incoming attack due to its one round duration.

The randomness can lead to some jarring game play. If you can get past the unpredictability…knowing what your unit attached to Holden does at the beginning of your turn helps a bit from its original iteration of only knowing what Poisoned Fate did at the beginning of the units activation.

The two effects can probably be used like so: Reposition is handy to keep the unit safe after a volley of shots, jam further into enemy lines after a successful charge, or to block charge lanes after an assault. Weaken is situational granted its on Holden only. I feel with his Rifles Range and if positioned well, it can come in handy to soften up a living target for a charge from his unit or nearby friendlies. (A lucky roll on a model with higher than average DEF is now a meaty target!) Have a beast about to charge a heavy on the next turn? Reducing its damage output by -2 STR helps a ton!

What I like about Holden:

  • Granting Pathfinder to one unit of Hollowmen is fine & dandy!
  • Prowl keeps him safer in battle.
  • His Hunting Rifles range allows him to play a little more reserved, yet still allowing use of him….especially with Eyeless Sight.
  • Being allowable in Bump in the Night (Theme Force) and as a selectable ‘Free Model’ will allow him to see game time more easier..possibly a staple?
  • Poisoned Fate is something im still on the fence about, but im likely to fall on this side than the later.


What I dis-like about Holden:

  • Lack of Durability: Sure he’s now apart of the Hollowmen. I just feel he’s going to be a target during battle, and he ill crumble even with five hitboxes.
  • Unpredictable plans involving Poisoned Fate. Guess you need to hope for the best, and plan for the worst?
  • He still feels as if he’s missing something. Sure he brings good tools already, but Id like to see the addition of something else. Maybe ROF 2? Finisher? Food for thought.

Holden still has some time in this round of the CID cycle. This means opportunities to be tweaked and changed…for better or for worse. What are your thoughts? Is he too powerful? Lacking? Will he see much game play?

As always thanks for taking your time to read this article. Hope you enjoyed it. If not? Leave a comment! If so, Leave a comment! Id love to hear your thoughts on this, and on other postings ive made to my page. Until next time, take care and good luck on the battlefields of Immoren.


A Grym Journey: Journal Entry 2

As the Journey continues, “Dont stop believin’….”



Warcasters & Warlocks, welcome! Dark arts creep around me as dusk begins to fall. Typing this up on the day of ghouls and ghastly happenings. Yes, Halloween. What a GRYM day to begin this post. Going to have a short week, as im attending BlizzCon this weekend for any who are acquainted with the event. If not, fear not…I still have another report to share!

Journal Entry #2:

This week marks the second round of my FLGS’s “Weekly Steamroller.” I come into this round with a record of 0-1 (you can read that report here: Grym Journey: Journal Entry 1.)

As the forces of Grym beings I command move forth in search of another encounter, we spot the great Red Army, Khador.

My opponent for the second week is Josh, and his mighty Khador Army. Josh is a well known and consistent player in our Meta who brings with him mighty Warcasters capable of devastation and butchery.  Yup, I am going to either face-off against Butcher3 or Irusk1. Both of which im concerned about. Irusk1 I am unfamiliar with, but I know Josh wouldnt have tossed him in as an option without reason. The second, Butcher3…well its Butcher3. His name says enough. His reputation of incredible assassinations and/or clearing 1/3 of the table regardless of what stands there is not foreign to me.

List Selection:

With Wanderer and Dreamer in my ranks, I weigh out the options. While Wanderer might be able to avoid an assassination from Butcher or amuse the ranks of Man-o-War’s that Irusk would introduce to my face, im not confident that my army can hold back his from overrunning my lines. Dreamer in DM brings two min units of Dread Rots & Twilight Sisters to help jar up a zone or two. Additionally the Goblin Swarms may be more difficult than anticipated to remove allowing me to contest easier…as magical weapons are not a plenty in Khador.

Scenario: Breakdown

My Wanderer list might be able to tar pit zones and bully unsuspecting Solo’s/Units but I am nearly confident they can easily be negated by Butcher3 if he drops him, leaving me with little left to retaliate in that situation.

With two Cage Ragers and Skin & Moans, I decide that the Dreamer is the better choice. She will have Manifest Destiny to help with damage/clearing and my Beasts should be able to take a few hits under the Death Knell. My Dread Rots should buy enough time to clog charge lanes and do some damage themselves (hopefully.)

My opponent chooses Butcher3 as his Warcaster, hoping he will lead the Mighty Khadoran army right over the Grym army that amasses.

A snapshot of Butcher3 another friend of mine owns. ‘Lola’ looks angry!

Lists & Arcana:


Arcana Chosen: Ruin & Sacrifice. Trump: All Fall Down

Sacrifice seems like the proper choice. Having played Warmachine before jumping to Hordes, at times I know it can be more difficult for them to do the damage they anticipate. Hoping to use it in a situation where he might damage some beasts (in a situation where he failed to destroy,) and kill something insignificant..I could capitalize next turn. As for Ruin,  Butcher3 has a crazy Assassination reach. 15″ if I remember correctly. His assassination includes several spells and one upkeep. With the Arcane Vortex from Corpse Fueled Cage Ragers and this Arcana, id hope to minimize the damage and remove his upkeep..blunting this unstoppable attack if he made his move. As for Dreamers Trump, All Fall Down serves as a backup if a high priority target engages and is in my grasp to counter next turn.

We shake hands, and I wish him good luck. Josh is a very strong opponent and last we met he played against my Cryx Army. He overextended and I capitalized with a Skarre1 Feated Jack-Spam (Before it was cool/before Black Industries.) I know he will not make the mistake a second time. He wins on the roll and chooses sides, opting for unboxing/deployment friendlier side.


With losing the roll, I dont get the additional information of where his ranged threats will begin (Behemoth comes to mind.) I evenly space out my Gremlins hoping they will be in the right spot(s), at the right time(s). Dreamer is front and center ready to take place on the hill that lies to my left. Having two clouds near the center of the map, I feel this might help be advance one of my units of Dread Rots, so I place one there. I toss a Rager on each flank of Dreamer, just in case I need to Arc a spell or two! Sisters deploy to the right, with the other unit of Rots, to assist in jamming that side as most my ‘beef’ is to my left/center.

My opponent deploys with Behemoth to my right, and Butcher across from Dreamer. Joy. (Note – One Eliminator will be marked using the blue proxy base for this game.)


Turn One:

Grymkin – Apparition happens on my Swarms and the Twilight Sisters run towards the ‘blue’ house. My Heavies run forward, aggressively. Units advance and Gremlins charge forward into the fray! Well….all but one. Cant even think of a legitimate excuse for this mistake. Dreamer lays down her Artifice of Deviation (AoD) near his objective and drops a fury to boot. Pass turn.


Khador – Eliminators on my left dont care about Rough Terrian, nope. No Cares given.  The battlegroup is granted Energizer and does its thing, yet forgetting to move his War Argi (this would keep Butcher boxed up a little longer.) Next everything runs up and I take note that he will have his goodies inside the zones before I do. Turn passes.


Turn Two:

Grymkin – I position one Skin & Moans behind the left shack, in position to bait the Alpha and otherwise contest those two zones for the upcoming turns. My painted S&M to the left walks up cautiously. I toss my Cage Rager on the Hill, as Id like to have him there if I see an opportunity arise to arc Enfeeble or a Abyssal Gate at something. Dread Rots jam the center, blocking charge lanes. The rest of my forces to the right have similar ideas. Rots run, Sisters position and I remember to run the forgotten Swarm up! I also toss a Swarm at his Devastator hoping it might be more of an issue that he might give it credit for. Dreamer walks atop her little hill and shifts the AoD towards the center, as I want to clog up that area. Pass Turn.


Two things are going through my head at this moment. A.) Im happy with my positioning, mindful of threats and layering my Beasts. (At least coming from a newbies perspective.) B.) Ive taken more time to execute this turn than im comfortable with. Go Figure.

Khador – He really wants that S&M as I had predicted. His widowmaker clears out a Rot for the landing zone. Seems Ruin wants to play. Butcher activates and Does Energizer again. Cool fact (at least how we played, if im wrong please correct me) Energizer can and will allow for jacks to move out of B2B from swarms, negative their mischief! The Devastator gets away! On the right, the Kayazy Eliminators and Behemoth clear most of the Rots out that are standing in the zone. Ruin charges my S&M and surprisingly leaves it alive with a few (less than three,) hit points. The eliminators nearby walk over and Combo-Strike it off the board.

Wanted to use the Dreamers Trump, All Fall Down on Ruin, yet couldnt.

My opponent skims his backfield shifting Mechaniks around, and passes turn. CP: 0-1,  Khador.

Right around this point of the game, I shockingly have more time on the clock than my opponent does. Seems he took longer than anticipated, yet both our turns are slow and in general up to this point thought out.


Turn Three:

Grymkin – Knowing im ahead on time I carefully measure out my options this turn. First things first. I want some more fodder on my right. Sisters bring back two Rots and they approach the Eliminators/zone. Ruin is staring down Dreamer. Not a great spot to be in, yet not out of my purview to handle. So I have two choices, and withing those two choices, are additional choices. Cage Rager on my Left can run up and act as an arc to pull the Juggernaut near the shack (outside 1″) close enough to my painted S&M, so he can munch on. I like the involved steps in that decision but setting up a 14 point arc node, to send in a 15 point heavy on a 12 point heavy doesnt sound like good math. Next option is sending my Cage Rager in to at the very least tie up Ruin. Karianna enrages the left Rager, Dreamer pops Manifest Destiny, and he tramples over the Eliminators to knock on ruins hull. He leaves it on around 13 boxes.

Something happened about this point in the game, and I began to lose my composure. Cant explain it, but I began to get nervous and stressed. Maybe it was knowing this was a tournament game and I didnt want to lose for a second week in a row? No clue. I came in wanting to have fun and play well, but it began to crumble around this point in the match.

I dont want Ruin there anymore. I make the poor decision to send in the right Cage Rager in to finish the job. He does so. I say poor, and it really was. Looking back at this game, i’ve basically bunched up two of my heavies for Butcher3 to delete if he wants. Next, the eliminators are too close to Rose/Dreamer for comfort. I send in S&M, careful to toe the zone and send four attacks into them, missing all four (talking to a friend afterwards, I should have boosted my first two initials against the extremely high defense the Eliminators bring, removing them and giving me corpses.) Im running fury heavy, and decide to stop, noticing im in trouble next turn. Why? Fury management was poor this turn, and AGAIN I bunched another Heavy up for Butcher to visit. Pass Turn. CP 0-1, Khador.


I actually see what ive done at this point, serving up my remaining Heavies for a possible Butcher3 Feat turn. I really let theses mistakes get the best of my as the game continues, even developing a headache that would last until the next day.

Khador – So I anticipate the hurt coming this turn. My opponent spends a surprisingly large amount of time considering his options. During allocation, the left Juggernaut receives two focus, and more plans are made. He decides against sending Butcher3 in, activating him and tossing Silence of Death on the Focus filled Juggernaut. Next he energizes all his battle group, except the fueled/buffed Juggernaut to my left…moving on to other activation’s.

My opponent had carefully planned to move said jack, measuring his would be positioning before he began any of his activation’s. Unfortunately he didnt move it during Energize, going to other movements and activation’s afterwards instead. Once he caught his mistake, he admitted that might have costed him the game. I personally didnt see how it meant game over, but being leagues ahead of me in experience…I didnt argue.

This meant the Juggernaut did not have a charge lane at my painted S&M. He side steps him away from the shack instead, during its activation. The Marksmen removes a Rot that stands in the right Juggy’s path, as does a Greylord Forge Seer. The right Juggernaut charges in, trying to muster up another plan on the fly…yet doesnt do much damage to the Cage Rager under the blanket of the Death Knell. Eliminators on the right chew through some Rots, ignoring their tough rule (an annoying little thing I found out in this game!) Eliminators on my left charge Karianna and kill her, giving my army Sorrowful Rampage for one turn (+1 to attack and damage rolls.) Devastator easily takes out my objective. Pass Turn. CP: 0-2, Khador.


Turn Four: 

Grymkin – I try and deal with the mis-managed fury as best as I can. I reason out that if the two Ragers go bonkers and frenzy, they act as a wall still. I pull the Fury from my S&M as I know he can kill off the Juggernaut that moved out and exposed himself last turn. Both my Heavies in the center Frenzy, smacking each other. Slightly amusing. I send my S&M to the Juggernaut and take it off the board, with the help of last turns Sorrowful Rampage Trigger.

Newbie Alert. I think at about this time I realize I havnt used any arcana, nor thought of using one since not getting to use it on Ruin. In addition I forgot to create Phantasm on Ruin, but luckily remember to on the Juggernaut!

The large Phantasm plants himself near Butcher. I run my Swarm that was way over in the backfield, near the Ragers for effect. Rots on my right Jam up the Devastator after a few were brought back by the Sisters.

If ive done anything right this game, it was using these girls to jam up  that side of the board, very well.

Dreamer goes incorporeal, and puts a AoD up in the middle to help screen my Ragers. Pass Turn. CP: 0-2, Khador.


“The late, late, late game…..”

So still, ive managed to be about three minutes ahead of my opponent. He doesnt have much time left. At this part of the game, he manages to score on the right zone. Its well coordinated with a few good calls. Devastator AoE’s the nearby Rots, Forgeseer’s get within range to plink off one Swarm, as Behemoth does the same with the remaining. CP raises to 0-3, in Khadors favor. I trigger Sacrifice during this time-frame, and heal my Rager back to full.

Heh, at least I can say I used one this game, right?

I contest with the center swarm, run the Sisters into the zone for insurance and click over. My opponent notions to the mere seconds remaining on the clock, and Grymkin is awarded with a victory by Deathclock! We have hands and have a sit-down.

Post-Game Thoughts: 

I should have lost this game. Had Butcher3 committed to the heavies, I had nothing to retaliate with, even if I had used my….ARCANA. Seriously need to look for more triggers throughout games.

We both were agitated by mis-plays and poor decision/time management issues. We talked a few things out and how things could have went. Again, all in his favor as he was clearly in charge this game.

The reason he didnt commit butcher in was due to fear’s of Ruin (Arcana) plus Arcane Vortex’s on the Ragers. Flashing Blade/Energizes are spells. He noted while it wouldnt entirely stop him, but it would have ate through a decent amount of focus & stripped his upkeep during that assassination/attack run. So while the Arcana didnt get used, I guess it did its job and kept my opponent mindful of its uses (admittedly I would have forgot about the Arcane Vortex usage during such an interaction as Flashing Blade, had that happened. Luckily ive noted this for the future.)

Final Thoughts for this entry…

I remember driving home feeling mentally drained. Upset with many decisions I made, and even more upset by not having any sense of a plan mid-way through the match. Early on I felt like I was making good solid calls. During turn three(?) I fell apart and let it dictate the way I thought and felt inside for the remaining part of the game.

Im happy with how I played the Twilight Sisters, and used Manifest Destiny. Also satisfied that I saw the Abyssal Gate play, even if I did choose against using it. I would have liked to have pushed up the board more, but Butcher kept me at bay. His ability to run up the board and have is way is extremely intimidating. Not a great win, or even a fun win, but I learned a few lessons and identified more issues to work on for the next round and the future.

Thanks again everyone. Id truly love to hear your thoughts, constructive criticism, or opinions on this or anything else on my page. Take care and until next time!



A Grym Journey: Journal Entry 1

A new beginning, towards something greater.


So there comes a time where every person stops. They stop everything, and just “listen.” They look back and reflect…

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” 

– James Baldwin

Having recently won my first tournament and being now one week into a ‘Weekly Steamroller’ my FLGS is hosting, its time to “listen.”

If you dont already know, im a very new player in a very large (12-20~ active player) meta. Additionally this meta is very friendly and competitive. Being mixed in this as a new player, I want to be as good as anyone else who frequents the Warmachine Tabletops there. This is where I declare officially, that I need to stop, and ‘restart.’ You see, my issue is im more focused on things beyond my control or understanding (for now) instead of learning the basics, and using those  things to my advantage. (Ex.: More focused on what lists just won a tournament that actually knowing what my own models do, trying to link their synergies/combos as an army.)

With that being said, I now would like to introduce you all to ‘A Grym Journey’ which will be all my battle reports and thoughts as they roll out. I hope these ramblings help me learn as an individual and allow me to become familiar with my armies, good/proper techniques, and see growth and progression in this game as time goes on…in addition to being a nice read for you all.

So officially, on to Journal Entry #1:

I am apart of the Fresno, CA/Central Valley meta. We host our games at the very welcoming ‘Crazy Squirrel Game Store‘ in town. We as a very active Warmachine/Hordes community host monthly Steamrollers, and now we have revitalized a weekly version which allows for more frequent play and even more friendlier faces who otherwise cannot participate on a would be designated Saturday.

For Week one, I am paired with one of our Circle Orboros players. Blake is a very close friend of mine who has himself won one of our Steamrollers in the past. Blake & I have a similar investment of time in this game (half a year or so,) yet he has a better grasp on this game than I do.

List selection:

I have brought the Dreamer in DM & The Wanderer featured in Bump in the Night, for this weekly steamroller.

Admittedly: I have only played The Wanderer once before, and only have six games played with the Dreamer. When selecting my pairing, I wanted to try out more of the popular casters that seem to be used more frequently in tournaments.

Between these two choices, I know I am facing either Wurmwood or Kaya3. Knowing my opponent hasnt fielded Wurmwood enough to feel fully comfortable with him, I anticipate Kaya3 being played. Having seen six Griffons in Kayas list, I make the assumption that im going to see an assassination attempt from Blake. Wanderer with his Arcana and Star-Crossed can be well protected, in addition to clogging any landing zones nearby with my units. On the other hand, Dreamer with Manifest Destiny and MAT 7 S&M’s can be accurate enough to get past the rather high defense the Griffons carry.

Scenario: Standoff

I recognize the unit zones and while I do have two min-units of Dread Rots, and Twilight sisters with Dreamer, I want to bring Wanderer.  Knowing Wurmwood probably wouldnt be selected, I didnt feel I needed to be worried about Hellmouth. I was more worried about an assassination attempt more than anything at this point. I declare Wanderer as my Warlock, as he chooses Kaya3 as his. This decision of mine would be foreshadowing for the game ahead.

Lists & Arcana:


Arcana Chosen:  Fortunes Path & Shadow

I reason out Fortunes path hoping for it to have some significance in allowing for more successful attacks against DEF 15 Griffons (17 under FEAT.) Additionally with the amount of Units, and wanting to have the Wanderer nearby (CMD 8), I like the idea of Shadow.

Dice are rolled and I win, 5 to a 3 (2+1, due to his theme benefits.) I feel more comfortable choosing a more favorable side allowing me to unbox, rather than be trapped or limited by terrain. (The lack of pathfinder, really messes with me.) I opt to choose sides.


My opponent squares up pretty evenly, with stones to my right. I decide to place Hollowmen towards the center and flank hard on each side with the Dread Rots. I place Longfellow and Eilish to be near the wall on Turn one. My reasoning on this specific deployment is to have both units of Hollowmen nearby to shut down approaching Griffons and put pressure on the Circle zones, early.


Turn One:

Circle – Stones port behind the small shack on my right, and he runs the majority of his models up (mindful of my threat ranges, including apparition.) Kaya tosses out Soothing song & Synergy and takes refuge in a cloud put out by the Bellows Crew.


Grymkin – I measure out ranges and notice three of my Right Hollowmen unit can reach into two different griffons. I make the decision to toss three missed shots into them. At this moment I feel ive made a statement of “im not afraid to take chances.”

Looking back, the decision to shoot was very poor on my part. Rolling 10’s to hit and thinking it could happen was very naive of me, and just gave him more open ground to approach up into the next turn.

Wanderer tosses up ‘Star-Crossed’ and advances. Everything else runs up, placing a few unit models up ahead, to draw the line. Road markers are placed in various spots, including to my right (I want to favor that side now,) and I pass turn.


Turn Two:

Circle – Blackclad on my left advances and tosses a Hunters-Mark on my most forward Hollowmen. Able to charge for free, a Griffon on my left charges the marked model and kills it, triggering Synergy to 1. Another Griffon advances up the middle. Kaya activates and advances up to extend her Synergy range. The last Griffon on my left charges in and misses two of his three initials then kills of two to clear up some room in front of him to reposition. Synergy to 2. Gobbers lay down another cloud, and the remaining griffons shuffle up tossing up their animus, Elusive. Turn passes.


At this point its very clear to me he intends to block me out of his back zone so he can score uncontested for the remainder of the game. In addition, he again is taking advantage of the tabletop space ive left available and has control of over 60% of the board.

Grymkin – Wanderer hops to the right marker at the start of my turn. I want to send my S&M up to take out the two center Griffons this turn, and hopefully remove a total of four with some lucky hits (being careful not to trigger his animus.) I clear a path out for the S&M,  make some preparations. Wanderer activates and I boost a Lantern’s Light into the Griffon to the right of my objective, hitting it and ultimately making it an easier target for my S&M. I send in my S&M and without much work, he removes the griffon who got Beacon’d/Flared by the Wanderer. Unfortunately he was unable to remove the second griffon (boosted attacks, but subpar damage rolls.) On my right, I eventually kill off one of the two griffons but it takes my Witchwood, Longfellow w/ puppet strings from Eilish, and a CRA from the Hollowmen to do so. The remaining takes some damage but not enough to be relevant.

At this point I decide to do something unorthodox and it doesnt pan out (while it could have worked, it failed miserably due to rushed/bad planning.) This is definitely the mistake that makes it much easier for the events of the next turn to become a reality.

I realize after some measuring, I have enough distance to get fully behind the griffons on my left and could (with some sheer luck,) hurt them. I order my Dread Rots on the left to press forward and position several behind the griffons attempting to box them in, so they could not escape with their animus during my turn.

It seemed pretty unpredictable when it first popped into my head, and I didnt consider that if it failed, he could easily escape with Kayas feat the next turn. A poor choice to even consider, looking back.

The first of five charges on the first griffon misses and he dodges to freedom, able to use flight and having just enough room to clear the would be blockers behind him. I begin to show my emotions at this point. Im very frustrated with myself as any reality of me being able to see a win, is fading. The Hollowmen unit on my left get a similar order and the same happens, again to bad positioning and to an obviously non-thought out strategy. I step back and make sure the remaining models I have not activated, block landing areas and get into zones. Passing turn, Circle goes 1-0 on CP.


Turn Three: 

Circle – My opponent looks at the board for a few minutes. He then acknowledges me and informs me that he is going to try and win on scenario this turn. I dont see it. No doubting him, but simply I am not knowledgeable enough (clearly) to recognize it.

Another ten minutes in invested in measurements and him talking things through to himself and I. He has about twenty odd minutes left to execute his plan.

Gorax walks and Primals the Warpwolf on my right. The Wayfarer that was next to the stones behind the shack emerges and hits his Hunters-Mark on a Dread Rot. (While feated, I now know that this will allow for the Primaled Warpwolf to charge in for free, giving it reach to the majority on that side.)

Next, the Wild Argus approaches on my left and uses Doppler Bark on the Hollowmen near the house. This raises Synergy to one after it also removes two from that unit. Kaya then activates and applies primal to the second Warpwolf which is on my left. She positions on the right side of the house to extend the range of Synergy this turn and gets in range/view of the Griffon next to my S&M to land Primal on it, FEATS,  then repositions away. The two griffons on my left advance and position themselves to remove the contesting Dread Rots in that zone, & despite a few tough rolls they do so. Synergy to Three.

The Primaled Warpwolf on my left charges a Hollowman effected by Doppler Bark and kills it dead. This triggers a chain of successful berserk attacks to create an uncontested zone for my opponent, on my left. The Bellows Crew runs over to capture that zone. The Wayfarer on my left advances and is in range to land a Hunters-Mark on my objective.

Next is to clear up my right zone. Blake Charges in the second Primaled Warpwolf at the Dread Rot that earlier this turn received Hunter’s-Mark. A similar chain of Berserk & purchased attacks clear out my Witchwood, Gorehound, & nearby Rots. Reposition is utilized and…

My opponent has successfully executed his plan precisely up to this point. Nearly flawlessly might I note. It is at the end of this Reposition I opt to use my Shadow Arcana. Major mistake. I chose to place in near Kaya. Giving the turn back to my opponent, THIS is when I realize I handed the game to him even more, without even a sliver of hope to rebuttal remaining. Why? He still needed to advance his Griffon already in my right zone which is well within 8″ of Wanderer and Warrior Models (Smaller Bases) to clear the remaining contestants. Had I not been tunnel visioned and instead been observing what else still had to move, I could at the very least earned myself one additional turn for a last ditch placing the Shadow somewhere in the Zone to contest.

I mis-time/mis-use/mis-place my Shadow Arcana. Any glimmer of hope is gone 100% at this point and im even more frustrated with myself, which is obvious to Blake. The final nail in the coffin is placed & hit on the head. The front & center Griffon next to my S&M Charges my objective (Hunters-Marked) and one shots it (Primal+Synergy) and the turn is passed. Circle reach 5-0 CP and the game ends with hand shakes exchanged.

Note: My Shadow’s location was to the left of my Dread Rot, in front of Kaya, for Reference. (Not Shown in this photo.)


Post-Game Thoughts:

Talking things out with Blake afterwards I apologized for any emotions I showed and we went over my mistakes. First, was bringing the Wanderer. He fully expected Dreamer, and I fully expected an assassination. I saw Griffons and mistook Blakes list for previous matches with Una2. This is why I had “must avoid assassination” in my head. While Kaya3 is fully capable of it, this was NOT his game plan coming into the match. Secondly I feel bunching up my units on the left in attempts of boxing in his Griffons was also a terrible decision. It just made is easier for his beasts to eliminate everything. Thirdly was the mis-timing and ultimately mis-placement of my Shadow to do a last ditch effort contention.

We talked out what would have happened if I had contested with my Arcana, and we agreed that with good dice rolls, Kaya3 camping 3 Fury was killable (yet not guaranteed) had the game gone one more turn.

Final Thoughts for this entry…

I need to take more time making more safer decisions. I was trying to pace the first two turns with my opponent (knowing I would take more time moving my models than he would.) Moving forward I want to make more logical decisions during list selections, and game executions. Even if I time myself, I feel that in the long run…getting 2-3 solid turns in then losing to time, would be more valuable than careless game play. Lastly, while its not an issue (that im aware of,) I do want to work on curbing my emotions. Casual or in Tournament settings, losing isnt fully enjoyable and it can definitely irk even the best of us.

Speaking of that, Jaden Wind Iwaasa (of Druid’s Dice,) & the Line of Sight Podcast crew recently came out with a very informative episode that goes over emotional responses in gaming. Check it out here: Emotional Response in Gaming I personally feel it can be a ‘game changer’ in its own right, with helpful advice and perspectives from the cast & guest Tim Banky!

Thanks again everyone. Id truly love to hear your thoughts, constructive criticism, or opinions on this or anything else on my page. Take care and until next time!


Fluffy, soft, and yet durable..

Review: ‘Game Plus Products – Gaming Bag’

Hey, hey! Its that time again! A moment to give credit where credit is due! Where might it go this time, you ask? An affordable and practical gaming/storage option for Warmachine/Hordes (Grymkin being this example!)

DISCLAIMER: I have not been asked to write this review, nor am I affiliated with any parties mentioned, nor have I been paid to create this post. I simply want to share the knowledge and my opinions as there was little available regarding this product.

Insert ‘Game Plus Products’ and their Gaming Bag distributed by Now, I know what the average player is thinking… “why not the other guys foam?” I’m trying to give a review from the affordable approach, that will work just as good as some ‘battle’ tested products out there. Also consider that Grymkin owners are either new to the game and have a larger buy-in or might be getting into them as a secondary faction. Either way, let’s move along with the show!

A quick TL;DR for those who will benefit from it. Yes, this Gaming bag and the associated Pluck Foam Tray(s) are totally worth it. DON’T forget to read the captions below the photos at the end for extra information before you buy! For the price, it cannot be beat!

Game Plus Products – Gaming Bag (Dimensions: Size: 13″ x 18″ x 7.5″)


Taken from Minituremarkets website directly, “Features: 6.25″ x 9″ x 2″ Velcro Side Pocket. 13″ x 10″ x 2″ Velcro Front Pocket. 12.5″ x 12″ x 2″ Zippered Back Panel Pocket. Side Mesh Water Bottle Holder with Pull Cord. Thick Foam Interior Padding. 3-sided Zipper. Adjustable Shoulder Strap: 48″ x 1.5″. Clear ID Window: 4″ x 2.5″. Holds 14.5 inches of Foam Trays. Tray dimensions: 7.5″ x 13″.”

The bag itself is ordered empty/separate from the foam(s) themselves for an MSRP of $39.99 + tax. It can be had in an array of colors, most bright and easy to identify among the other bags during your tournament of choice. Keep in mind most colors will attract marks/grime easily, hence my decision of black (I really wanted Blue or Green!)


Plenty of room for accessories and the beverage pocket on the opposite side (not shown,) can easily hold my pick of Nalgene bottles! (Note: The padded & adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry.)

So the bag itself…well its a bag. Lightly padded, not enough to stop a direct blow from a baseball bat or a angry opponent (kidding,) but enough to keep its form and resist normal bumps during regular transport. Craftsmanship is what you would expect for the price. Seams seem rugged enough to resist normal use and the materials used keep cost down all while making the satisfactory ‘cut’ to accept the charges and resist the test of time. I can easily see this bag lasting me several years.

Lets move on to the real reason your here….FOAM! Fluffy, Soft..yet surprisingly durable foam! (MSRP of $7.99 + tax, per Pluck foam Tray) Let me show you a loaded version with room for an extra tray (1.5″, being taken up by my storage box you’ll see.)

Six Trays, with obvious room for seven! (While the official description read 14.5″ of foam, the reality is itll fit 15.5″ of foam..woohoo!)


During a recent sale, I bought two cases and enough foam to fit it all. (Should indicate the next sale wont be until the November shopping kick-off post Thanksgiving…good for some, for others your not saving too much!)

With “MY” layout choice for the 15.5″ of foam trays, I choose not to haul the last 1.5″ Pluck Foam Tray. (I have no need for it as of yet.) In its place is a nice Plano StowAway Utility Box full of Dice/Widgets/Tokens!

The Foam Trays are made of pre-cut pluck foam, available in various sizes. The foam is cut very well, so no blade/knife will be needed unlike other brands/options available on the market. Its easy to remove what you dont need…and easier to pull a little extra if your going quick. I recommend a little spray adhesive ala Elmer’s Spray Adhesive (I used this as I had it handy, works great and did the trick for mispulls or rearrangement of foam/spacing issues. Be sure to see my extra photos at the bottom for some ideas regarding the spray!)

The Trays overall have a soft yet defined feel to them. Additionally the red baseboard foam creates a wonderful sturdy foundation for the models you will fit in each tray. This allows for each access/unloading without fear of the foam buckling to the weight of your models be they resin or metal. These Pluck Foam Trays mean business!

The point is made that this fits a good amount..but how much exactly? Well….I bought into Grymkin. I was easily able to fit the entire “recommended” purchases from the first wave, as follows:

Grymkin Models I own/Shown in this Gaming Bag Review:

  • QTY: 2 – Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest (All-in-One’s)
  • The Child (Warlock)
  • Lady Karianna Rose (Solo)
  • Death Knell (Battle Engine)
  • Glimmer Imp (Solo)
  • QTY: 2 – Cask Imps (Solo) (Blister Pack)
  • QTY: 3 – Crabbits (Lesser Warbeast) (Blister Pack)
  • Skin & Moans (Heavy Warbeast)
  • QTY: 4 – Gremlin Swarms

They all easily fit in the Following Foam Assortment Layout I chose to equip with the allotment of 15.5″ of foam trays the Gaming Bag in mention, holds (as Shown in this review):

  • 4″ Pluck Foam Tray
  • 3″ Pluck Foam Tray
  • 2.5″ Pluck Foam Tray
  • 2″ Pluck Foam Tray
  • QTY: 2 – 1.5″ Pluck Foam Tray(s)

**NOTE: One additional 1.5″ Pluck Foam Tray can/will fit with the sizes mentioned above. I chose not to put it in, due to the abundance of space I still have available until future releases.**

Below, is my “everyday carry…” so to speak which is a solid amount of goodies I carry when im tournament ready! (Even a Nalgene bottle fits in the Beverage slot, not shown!)

My Gaming bag contents, unloaded. Includes my entire Grymkin inventory, iPad, Rings, Rulers, TWO Battery Banks, Snacks, Physical Cards, Dice Tray, Token/Dice/Widget Box…the works!

Its clear, this gaming bag can hold a good amount! Actually even more if your an organized packer such as I…as it prefers slim/narrow items over bulky options. Talk about storage! Heck, its not even unreasonably heavy when fully loaded. I can still hold it in front of me with one finger!

So we are basically at that point. The run-down has been given and you have a solid idea of what is what regarding this Gaming Bag and the Pluck foam tray options!

Something to note…below my conclusion there will be additional photos of each tray with helpful captions assisting with your purchasing decisions!


I mean…at this point it really speaks for itself. The Bag is great. Has a nice feel to it and you cant really make any complaints for the price-point.

The Pluck Foam Trays come in a variety of sizes which is helpful if you so wish to purchase a few extras for swapping lists out before you head out for a game or two.

The price is on a budget, but not to take away from the quality you gain..essentially you can save some cash and invest in some more models……dinner/entertainment for the “S.O.” since you just invested in ‘another army,’ or keep that pocketbook a little more filled for the time being.

Whatever you choose, this option is uncontested for the price in my humble opinion. Sure there are better options that will ‘battle’ for your cash, but honestly…sometimes keeping things basic is okay. Be it Grymkin or a secondary army/faction…the Gaming Plus Products Gaming Bag & Pluck Foam Trays will do the trick!


  • Budget Friendly – Allows for a great entry level solution, or appealing for a secondary faction/army.
  • Pluck Foam Trays feel great, and their sturdy base make for easy/quick access between them.
  • The Gaming bag itself has plenty of room, and is made of solid materials and nice stitching..price considering.
  • Sleek/Slender overall case design allows for easy storage in a closet or in the vehicle during transportation.
  • Less models/accessories, the weight is nearly non-existent.
  • Availability/Shipping is reasonable.
  • Nice oversized/adjustable beverage pouch.


  • No handle, less the shoulder strap. At times id rather much carry the case than shoulder it. Personal preference, yes…so time to get a little crafty.
  • Foam is fun/easy to remove…sometimes too easy, so be careful!
  • No Zipper Pulls/Tassels. Nothing a trip to your local Camping Store/Walmart can’t fix!

Thanks for reading. If I missed anything please comment. If you can share some criticism/ideas/knowledge..feel free! If you enjoyed it, tell me so via a comment or like! I appreciate the time you took to read this!



3″ Pluck Foam Tray: Room for some larger models to boot!


2.5″ Pluck Foam Tray – Id suggest a little warm water to ‘ween’ the maces/spears of the Piggybacks down a bit. They just miss perfect clearance by an 1/8″


4″ Pluck Foam Tray – Death Knell, Two of Three Skin & Moans, and Two Cage Ragers find their home perfectly. No clearance issues at all. 2″ Pluck Foam Tray – Plenty of room for any number of upcoming units/models. 1.5″ Pluck Foam Trays – A little moving around fits the Hollowmen one tray…and small based models in the other as shown. I actually moved the ‘walls’ a bit in the lower tray, and put them in their new place via Adhesive spray, recommended in the review. No Issues otherwise. **See the un-housed Dread Rots? No worries..obviously I still have plenty of room…AND another Tray not in this Gaming bag, yet…hehe.

Grymkin: A day of updates and “education.”

Why losing isnt a bad thing… *Insert Smiley Face Here*

Moments before the mighty Trolls concede to the Child….their last warbeast will fall to a “Crabbit who could,” dealing the final blow needing to roll a boosted 16 to kill…when the dice lords provide!

Today was a good day. Axe to face was dealt to the child from Butcher3 moments after he removed two fresh Skin & Moans and an unscathed Cage Rager. Awhile later, the Heretic fails to survive a Banshee from Thyros…oh that sidestep..oh that side step.

Sure, I lost….sure I have less than half a dozen games into Grymkin & the Fury Mechanic…sure I have MUCH to learn. It was fun. Ive seen victory (Caption above,) and ive seen defeat. I have some experience (three months with Cryx prior to Grymkin,) and I play in a fairly competitive meta that is extremely welcoming to new players.

Losing with grace and style is something I personally try for…yet admittedly only hit that mark about half the time. The other half? Ill shamelessly admit (in attempt to improve as a player,) that ive had the mopey/sulky aura across the tabletop…and other times ive shared the frustrated/annoyed attitude. Ive never tilted, but have had some moments where ive been very disappointed with myself and frustrated with the decisions I made on the table…that to my opponent was probably a very “passive” version of a player they probably dont fully embrace playing with. Truth be told, im working hard with this fresh start and new faction to improve on a few things…including the way I express myself across the table.  Now enough about me…back to the point at hand!

So why is this all important? Losing. Thats why. How can it be good? Especially to a novice/newcomer? Ill tell you why…

Butcher3 charges & “one-shot’s” the objective…about to cast ‘Impending Doom,’ and one round a bunch of models including three untouched heavies! Talk about rough!

As a good friend reaffirmed to me today…this is a simple game of dice. Accepting that variable, and welcoming the taste of repetitive defeat and countless games of ‘education,’ will be the best place to begin your journey.

Why is this discipline and acceptance a good thing? Well..first off, your blood pressure and mental state will be more stable! Secondly, itll be very welcomed from the other side of the table. Thirdly…itll promote a good social practice and (in my experience,) encourage more experienced players to invest the time necessary to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

There are several types of players in this hobby…and by types I mean personalities. There are various write ups capitalizing on the truths and ‘comedy’ of those truths..from the “rager” to the “whiner” and all the ones in between. Yet this topic is about losing, and the correct way to lose.

Accept losses, welcome them. Every loss is an opportunity to learn. Will you walk away from every loss with a lesson learned? No. We are human and sometimes dont see the lessons that are being given to us. Its human nature….its okay to wish you had done better. That shows you want to improve. To be better than where you are. The point I want to make is that your opponent just invested time they can never recoup to play and share an experience with you. Honor that time..respect it. If you lose your cool…address it, recognize it and apologize for it. Your opponent will respect you as an individual and your reputation will flourish within the community. Again..youll be human, and make mistakes..yet being an adult/mature about it will speak leagues about who you are.

Try and remember that your playing a game. You’ve made a decision to get into a hobby to have fun, enjoy yourself and maybe express a little bit of a competitive nature in a great and healthy way! So why not try and have the best outlooks and acceptance of all aspects that come with the hobby? From winning, to losing. From meeting new players, to forging lifelong friendships. Its just a game!

So again…have FUN! Enjoy the times you play…the experiences and all the outcomes! Those EPIC outplays and ‘jank’ moves will come…the moments you have to share with everyone will be created over time…the amazing “you had to be there” memories will be forged, trust me….between now and then, though? Keep your cool. Respect the time you get to play with someone, their investment of time, and remember enjoy the lessons (loses,) you have.

Talk about a difficult deployment! “Into the breach, these wicked things move forth to…”

Stay fresh my friends…cool headed, and strive to improve not only your game, but the personality you bring to the tabletop and share with your community of wargamers!

(P.S. You know this part…I hope you like this. Leave a ‘like,’ or a comment of criticism. Ill be making another review blog post, similar to the widget one ive done regarding a storage solution option for the Grymkin faction!)


Grymkin: Advice on what to buy to get started, from a novice painter..

Memoirs from a novice in the hobby

Hey there! Newbie painter here! You might be wondering about the variety of tools, paints, and such…but with most things this day and age, I like to do a bit of research…and go a little “all-in.”

With the many videos available on from the likes of PrivateerPressPrime and Dallas Kemp, its fairly easy to get an idea on what youll need. Drop in the super friendly people on various forums and facebook pages, and your basically ready to paint!

‘Lord Longfellow’ Grymkin Solo Model


So, what might you ask should be a core/staple set of items to get started on models, such as the one above? Well…let me make a few suggestions based of purchases ive made:

  • A good set of brushes: Army Painter Brush Set (Alternatively, you can buy a few Acrylic friendly sets from Walmart or your local hobby store with various styles if you want to keep it on the very cheap, end.
  • Glue, Glue, Glue! – Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue (The Professional stuff is found at a Home Depot/Lowes or the likes…I REALLY love this stuff!) Option Two: Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue (Not really an option, I strongly suggest you get in addition to it all, as its great for basing or tough to place parts!)
  • A legitimate hobby knife option: X-ACTO #1 Knife (Keep in mind, to remember the ‘number’ when it goes for refills!)
  • Hobby File Set: FP3: File Set (It’ll help remove rough edges and such, easily!)
  • Hobby Shears: Xuron 410 Micro-Shear Flush Cutter (How did I ever get along without these things!? Amazing!)
  • Paints! Oh mah gewrd, PAINTS! So…read below..
  • Pinning Set: Bastex Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill with Twist Bits (You can buy filaments or use bits of paperclips as the pins themselves.)


IMG_20170731_233710 (1)
Grymkin – Heretic (Work in progress..)


About paints…so during all my research (in the past,) it depends on how far you wanted to go..if you wanted to just start with minimal color option..I strongly suggest you choose Privateer Press P3 Line paints. Easy to work with, and require little watering down, if at all. Id suggest buying these two sets, for maximum diversity and options (sure, youll be missing some major colors but you can always visit your local gaming store for singular color options.) Look to buy: P3: Iron Kingdoms Colors & P3: Grymkin The Wicked Harvest Colors. I love the color options on BOTH! Especially the Grymkin choices! One other….”All in,” option is this..which is what I currently own, too! This set was a larger investment but you already get the brushes, a good variety color options including some GREAT metallic choices AND washes to liven up your models! (Probably need to do a little research, if your unsure what washes are!) This is the Set: The Army Painter: Miniature Painting Kit, Mega Paint Set II.

One other thing I suggest is a mixing medium…which is essentially colorless pigment..or the stuff that holds the paint & color mix a drop or two with a few drops of paint and makes it super smoothe and easier to work with/apply. Also..there are other tricks youll find on your way through this adventure! Again: P3 Mixing Medium

Grymkin: The Child, Warlock. Painted to loosely resemble Sully & Boo from Monsters INC.!


I think thats about it…Oh…well, youll need the models themselves and a good open area to work in! (Not a PC table like I..but you can see im decent with the limited space I have.)

Again, im very new to this all…ive only painted a total of six models in my existence at the time of this writing, including the three you see above. I ideally want to achieve a level of detail that allows for a good view from the tabletop while painting and maybe earn a commission or two down the road as painting is very therapeutic, ill admit!

As always, if you’ve reached this point..well thanks! Id like to request a like from you, a comment…some criticism? Id like to keep this going but not sure if im on the right path or not to gain some traffic traction! Take care and any requests for a post, please ask!


Grymkin: My initial thoughts & impressions…

The first and foremost:

The Mighty Heretic (w/ hairdo,) and a few others cleaned up awaiting the next steps.

     So I got one All-in-One assembled, awaiting final preparations before primer. Yet not before they saw table play. I was talked into coming to the local steamroller at my FLGS (where I bought my Grymkin goodies at,) and decided I wouldn’t do the easier choice and just field Cryx and try out Dark Host.

     Instead, I was offered a second All-in-One (Thank you, Drew!) as one wasn’t going to be unwrapped until September. So while my second is still on order I had access to two.

     Insert 7 hours of mindless assembling..removing flash, cleaning up edges and gluing/washing. I took my time, since I promised myself I would. I got one All-in-One 99% ready to go, while nearing midnight I slapped the second one together with the units I needed (list below,) using tac and enough parts of models to be recognized on the field.

     This morning, I walked into a rather small gathering of our rather normally large meta and had a few grins and smiles where there to greet me. Im the newer player…not a free win, but definitely learning. Insert the fact that ive never played Grymkin…never used the fury mechanic before…and again, less than three complete months into the hobby (no related experience,) and I was ready to have some fun. I fielded the Heretic and the following list three times:

Crabbits are still on order =(

     Crabbits being still on order (I deciding to buy into Grymkin a day before release) and fortunate with what I had due to a cancellation and a fellow players kindness…I had a functional list thanks to a recommendation from the Grymkin Facebook Page.

First modification ive done to a model ever…sorta like it!


I dont have enough experience to share with you my take on the faction just yet….after three games I ended with a record of 1-2. My win coming from a Retribution player fielding Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven…and a death-clock win. I was okay with that. My two losses came from a Cygnar player (Arguably the best player we have in the local meta,) and a Circle player showing off Baulder2 and his double Woldwrath list.

So at least I can share my impressions (as promised by the title of this tale..) I really enjoy the ability to field a list three times as I did today, and bring three different threats via the Arcana cards. Some are situational, some feel really good and others make you figure out how they work/why they are an Arcana in the first place…of which, I LOVE how they encourage out of the box thinking! Additionally its an incentive to pay even more attention during your opponents turn as that is when said cards can activate, if the proper criteria is met!

In my first game…I was able to “live the dream” and have my unit of piggybacks charging a Stormstrider at P&S 20! (*INSERT TERRIBLE DAMAGE ROLLS HERE*) Grymkin models on their own are meh…toss a few corpse tokens in the mix, a little ‘jank’ and some creativity..and you have yourself a really neat army to field!

Things I need to personally work on?

  • Deployment (sheer amount of models require practice to unbox without having them hit each other while avoiding rough terrain.)
  • Learn the basics about Fury & management
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Not making Grymkin army noises in my head during charges….well, okay..being honest it does sound cool in my head, lol.
  • More Practice

This faction is awesome hands down. I think I intend on playing the Heretic and The Child for 20-40 games and then insert the Wanderer or the likes…

As always, if you’ve read this far…thank you. Really, honestly..Thank You. Like this post, leave a comment..criticism, or a request! Ill continue to post these in hopes someone sees it and enjoys the read. My formatting needs work…but its more of coffee at the local Starbucks in the morning, chat anyways…nothing formal.